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Hello World!


Hello World! My revamped anthonylai.dev is finally ready for the world to see ... well nearly still have my course notes section to complete and well still haven't decided on the font (san-serif holding up the fort). I guess its not quite done done, but it is getting there. I think my last website served its purpose, but was never a great showcase of who I am and what I could do. I rebuilt anthonylai.dev to be more personal and better reflect me.

I'm definately looking to finish this website soon and begin working on more projects throughout these summer months. I'll be trying my best to take time to write about some of my thoughts here in this blog, hopefully to give myself something to look back to in the months to come. Hoping to use these months of social distancing to refocus myself and work on things I've always given the excuse of not having enough time for, despite seriously just lacking motivation. Life has hit me hard with a lot of things even before the pandemic, but now is the time to really fight back.

So, welcome to my new website!